Frequently asked questions

Do you travel?

Yes! We specialize in mobile services, infact this is one of the reasons we get really booked up!

Do you have somewhere we can come to instead?

We do have a studio in Dunedin, 235 King Edward Street. Depending on the size of your bridal party, we are able to host you for the morning of your wedding. Tea and coffee and a single bottle of wine is provided, however you will need to organise platters if you are wanting snacks.

Do I need to bring my makeup or do you bring everything?

We have full kits to cater to all skin tones, and hair types. However if you have concerns or in the past you have had makeup artists struggle with your skintone, or you have highly sensitive skin you are more than welcome to bring along what you usually use.

Is there anything I need to provide?

A picture of what you are after helps alot! We recommend having a trial done first so that everything runs smoothly on the wedding day. Also any headpieces or special lipstick you'd like to wear.

When do I wash my hair?

Please DO NOT wash your hair the morning of the wedding. A trial is great to put a timeline on when to wash your hair, but generally, the day or two beforehand is perfect. Freshly washed hair is harder to work with. 

Do you use cruelty free/ vegan products?

Yes we have an entire range of vegan makeup, anything that is not entirely vegan, is cruelty free.

How long will it take on the day?

It depends on your hair style, makeup look, and what your skin and hair is like. We usually suggest 45mins per person, per service. 

Do you run on a timeline?

We do somewhat follow a timeline, traditionally the bride is done last, however experience has shown us that having the bride's hair or makeup done in the middle, means there is less to stress about as the ceremony comes nearer. By all means, give us a run down of how you'd like your morning to go, and in what order you'd like people to be done, but please be open to changes as we specialize in weddings, and have done this for a long time, we may have a better suggestion for you. 

When is my invoice due and how can I pay?

Your invoice is due 1 week before the day the service is taking place. For example the cost of the trial needs to be paid 1 week before booked trial date, and the rest of the invoice to be paid 1 week before wedding date. Any late payment incurs a 10% fee. You can find full details on your invoice, including our bank account details. We currently accept cash and bank transfers as payment. 

Can I make changes to the services I wish to book?

Yes you can, please give us as much notice as you can if you wish to make changes to your booking. Please see our Terms and Conditions page for further details.  

If you have any questions which are not listed please email us at

Rachel Blyth, Wanaka 2019