What to expect at your consultation.

Your consultation is an exciting time and a chance to show us what you've planned for your wedding! At your initial consultation we ask you lots of questions so we can have an idea of what you are wanting for your big day. 

Each bride is different, and we meet with many, so it's important we get it right.  

We take down notes over a cuppa, go over paperwork and any queries you have for us, and if you're happy to jump right in, we can book the trial from there.

Super easy, low key and a great way to meet us before we spend possibly one of the biggest days of your life with you and your family, you need to meet us first!

What to bring

  • Your scrapbooks/ideas saved from Pinterest or google

  •  Your budget

  • A pic of your dress if you have it already/if you don't mind sharing

  • Any questions you have for us written down

  • Any known allergies in your bridal party

  • A friend or family member is most welcome to come along! 

  • An open mind, what you have decided on, may not show your true beauty. Trust us and our suggestions- especially if you don't usually wear makeup.

  • We require a $50.00 non refundable deposit to secure your wedding date. This comes off the total cost.

  • The address of where you will be getting ready- it's ok if you aren't sure at the time of your consultation, but as soon as you know, please let us know for planning purposes!

What to expect at your trials

Makeup Trial

We suggest allowing 1 - 1.5hrs for your makeup trial, or 2- 2.5 if you are indecisive. 

It might take a few different looks until you are happy with the result. 

Be open to suggestions, we've been doing bridal makeup for a long time and may come up with something you end up loving more than what you wanted initially.

Whilst having your makeup done, have a think about what products you love that we are applying, our makeup trials are redeemable in product. 

(We highly recommend choosing the lipstick colour as one of your products for easy reapplication on the day.)

We take notes , and take  photos of what we have done for the purpose that we can recreate it for you, we do not post them online without your permission and never before your wedding day. 

We have makeup wipes available for you to remove your makeup if you like, however we suggest booking your makeup trial on a day you have an event so you can be professionally made up, you'll get to see how the makeup stays and how you feel hours later.

The most important thing is be honest with us and have fun, if you want more coverage or don't like something let us know so we can change it for you, we want you to feel beautiful and excited, you won't feel this way if you leave unhappy with your makeup, but we won't know if you don't tell us.


Spraytan Trial

We appreciate that a tan trial for your wedding may be the first time you have had one and it may be a bit scary. We do our best to ensure you feel comfortable throughout the process.

The actual time you are in the spraytan tent is no more than about 3 minutes.

It is cold- sorry! But you are able to get changed within minutes of being out of the tent.

We always check how dark you want to go beforehand, and talk you through how to stand and pose throughout the service.

Hair Trial

Please see above in the makeup trial section, the same applies.

Be honest with your feedback, let us know if you want something changed, we want it perfect for you!

What to bring to your trials.

Makeup Trial

  •  If you can, please come with no makeup on. We understand life is very busy and have makeup removal wipes etc available if needed but a fresh face means a blank canvas and easier to see your skin.

  • If you have any preferred makeup, you're welcome to bring it but we do have full kits of makeup, and everything we need!

  • Our makeup trials are PRODUCT REDEEMABLE! so keep this in mind when you're in our chair which products you love the most as you could be able to take them home!

  • A friend or family member is most welcome to come along! 

  • An open mind, what you have decided on, may not show your true beauty. Trust us and our suggestions- especially if you don't usually wear makeup.

  • If you are wanting lashes, please don't feel you need to buy some to bring to your trial. We have them, and often find the ones that are brought in are heavy, and too bold for the overall look our brides want and end up in the bin.


Spraytan Trial

  • Anything you feel comfortable wearing whilst getting a spraytan. Most people wear either nothing, a disposable g string, their own underwear, or their own underwear and bra. 

  • Loose dark clothing to be changed into afterwards. Tight fitted clothing/with elastic including socks will rub, choose carefully.

  • We provide wipes to freshen up beforehand as we need a clean surface (no deodorant or makeup)

  • If you can remember, leave jewelry at home.

Hair Trial

  • It's important NOT to have freshly washed hair. Please have your hair at least 1 day dirty for your trial.

  • Please brush your hair before your trial.

  • Let us know if you will have your hair cut, or coloured before your wedding as this will change the overall look.

  • Any hair pieces you have chosen, bring them along!

  • A friend or family member is most welcome to come along!